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  • I need to create a site for watching & interacting with videos. The audience is high school film students. I was hoping that a plugin is available to cover some or all of the functionality I am looking for.

    It needs to

    * allow a relatively unsophisticated admin to upload video
    * arrange the videos on the site in some rational way and allows them to be searched
    * allow commenting

    It would be a bonus if it

    *does voting (Amazon style voting would be great).
    *allows user submitted videos with effective admin moderation tools (this needs to be family safe).
    *is really good at helping comments form into a conversation (moderating, voting, flagging, etc)

    It’s fine if it

    * hosts the videos on a third party or utilises video sharing sites someway.
    * isn’t actually a WordPress plugin. We are not married to wordpress.
    * is a combination of plugins.
    * isn’t hosted by us.
    * doesn’t give us complete look & feel control.
    * costs some money/ isn’t open source .

    I cannot use it if it

    • inserts advertising (1).
    • is unsafe for minors.

    (1) At a glance it seemed like the Revver plugin ( does what I want, but it inserts ads.
    (2) This is a non-profit project.
    (3) This isn’t going to be Youtube. We will have a few dozen videos added gradually. The site will probably peek at under 100 videos.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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