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  • Hello – we have a question about seperating content. There is a page dedicated to photos and we’re using a gallery setup sponsored by Flickr. There is a plugin called “High_slide” that I guess calls up Flickr. I’m not really sure how it works – and that’s the problem.

    On the WP page (WP 3.0.1) for Photos, we have the files all set up in Flickr and they appear. But we can’t figure out first off, how to get each Flickr set to stay together. For example, there are four “sets” and the sets span over to page 2 if WP decides it needs more room for them. Obviously, we’d like them to stick together and have the page break in the middle of the third set, for example and not span the third set onto the next page. It looks “goofy”…

    Then, we have a second question. The photos are jammed up right next to each other with no seperation. We’ve set up a heading for each set but the headings alway appear down at the bottom and are unassociated with the individual set(s). I’ve tried a <body> tag but that doesn’t work in WP.

    We’re using this form:
    Our ’09 Spring Flower Sale
    [flickr_highslide set=”2009 Spring Flower Sale”]

    and we can’t seem to get a seperation between sets.

    Can someone please explain how you do this rather simple task?



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