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How to separate sidebar from 1 to two sides?

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    No offense, but with a question like this, you’ll be waiting a long time for an answer. Showing a picture is helpful, but meaningless if we don’t know:

    a) your skill level – for instance, do you know CSS? HTML? PHP?
    b) what theme you are using – your own theme? Purchased? Free?
    c) and just plain more information

    Asking such a vague question and waiting for someone to “give” you the solution is not usually a good idea. People on this forum want to help others learn, not do the work for them. Give more information and we’ll see if we can help.

    I understood. I can edit theme by myself I know html, php (I understand it).
    Theme free. I just need to know in what kind of script it looks like? Because then I will google for the last answer if I do not get it there.

    It have to look like this:

    It has to be very easy…

    So waiting your help



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    A screenshot is of no use. What might help is a link to a page demonstrating the problem and a reasonably detailed description of the issue.

    http://www.citatos24.lt/kontaktai/ check right sidebar and right side where are word “KATEGORIJOS” and below. So how I can manage to do sidebar like replaced in two sides (left side Aistra, Charakteris, Darbas… right side Baime, Citatos, Draugyste…)
    Because in the original theme there are like this:



    Forum Moderator

    You would need to extensively modify your theme by adding in another sidebar template file. I suggest that you start by reviewing Theme Development. If you require any further assistance, then I should warn you that these forums do not support any themes from that particular supplier. You may wish to read this article for the reasons behind this. In fact I would strongly recommend that you choose another theme from a reputable source such as http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/. There are plenty of 3-column quality free themes on there.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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