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  • I don’t seem to see where there is a setting to configure sending an email whenever there is a new Comment made to a post. I’m guessing this should be possible?

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  • this works on our blog – we require registration and also moderate the first post of anyone.

    Once a user gets an “approved” comment – any further comments are posting automatically.

    in every case – comments that need moderation first come to me – once I approve them – the post author also gets an email.

    Cool! That’s my question. Where do I configure an email notification to me when someone has entered a comment. Instead of having to continually review the blog to see if there are any comments I would like to be notified so that I can review and approve.

    It’s in your Dashboard.

    Appreciate the short but sweet answer Saurus. I already looked in the Dashboard as I figured that is where I should find it. However, I didn’t which is why I posted the question. Sure would appreciate a little more meat to your answer.

    in the settings / discussion tab you can change your comment options to “e-mail you whenever …” and other comment moderation fields.

    To get everyone to register on your blog before they leave a comment, go to the settings / general tab and click “Membership – anyone can register”

    Thanks adams2008.

    I checked their originally prior to posting my question. It is already checked and I am not receiving any emails when comments are left so I was wondering if there is some other setting that needs to happen.

    I don’t have the blog setup for people to register and for now have elected not to. I just want to receive email notification when someone has left a comment so I don’t have to check the blog daily.

    Which wordpress version are you running? In version 2.7:

    3)E-mail me whenever

    And then you can check off “Anyone posts a comment

    You don’t need users to register for your blog in order to be notified by email. To verify you have the right email go to the top right hand corner and click on “Howdy, your name”. That should take you to your admin profile.

    Thanks Chanel

    Version 2.7. That is exactly how I have it configured already. There must some setting somewhere to tell it how it should send, like what email server etc.


    I second this, need help with the same. I’ve also checked the settings, they are as described above.

    I am having the same problem – all the settings as above are correct and this is now begining to bug me that I cant find an answer here =) Seems a lot of people are having the same problem but no one seems to know the answers. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the fact that I want email notifications to get sent to my gmail address or something else.
    Also new users aren’t getting their password notification emails either…..

    could this be due to php mail() being disabled? i am trying to get the blog i am currently running here to email me when a comment is posted however i get nothing, the same for when i reset my password i never get an email which i assume is because php mail is disabled. is there any work around to this?

    perhaps this is why other users have this problem?

    Also, are you sure you’re getting valid comments? I got notified of comments ALL THE TIME, but 99% of them were spam (the advantage of WordPress is that everyone can find your blog easily… the disadvantage of WordPress is that every spammer on the globe can also find your blog easily…).

    I installed Akismet spam filter and now I only get notifications of _real_ comments. It has dramatically slashed the wasted time deleting ads for pharma or porn…

    I’m looking av 6 comments from real people, but even with the settings in wp I did not get notifications about them on email.

    Yes, all the comments I am getting are indeed “valid”. It seems really odd here that so many of us are experiencing the same thing and no one seems to have an answer.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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