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[Resolved] How to send an email?

  • I might be missing something but I have installed this plugin but can not find a page where I create an email to send to all users. If I go to Settings > Email Users I am unable to edit the Default Notification Body. Is this where I compose emails to users?


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  • OH, I have just worked out that when you say ‘power users’ you mean Super Admin.

    However, having logged in as the Super Admin, I find I can not add any text to the message field of the email – I can only write in the Subject field.

    Any ideas why?

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    The message field is based on wp_weditor() which is a WordPress API function to collect text using either the visual editor or a standard text box (just like editing a post or page). The WordPress visual editor is based on TinyMCE which is written in Javascript. If you are unable to enter content into the text field I suspect you have a Javascript error, most likely from another plugin or your theme, which is preventing the page from fully loading correctly.

    If you check your error console do you see any Javascript errors?

    Ann Stokes


    I have a similar problem. Here is the JS error:

    event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    If you are seeing Javascript errors than another plugin or your theme is the likely the source of the error.

    Email Users does nothing more than make a call to wp_editor() to place the WYSIWYG editor on the page. Since wp_editor() is a standard WordPress function, there isn’t anything in Email Users which would be the source of the Javascript error.

    The best thing to do would be to try an isolate which plugin might be causing a problem by disabling all other plugins except Email Users and see if the problem persists. If the problem no longer happens, enable the other plugins one at a time until the problem reappears so identify the culprit.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Marking this as resolved since there hasn’t been any further information to comment on.

    How to send email through this, I have installed this but can’t find.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    It depends. Do you want to send a simple email or notify a group of users about a new page or post?

    When the plugin is installed and activated, there is a new menu (Email Users) on the Dashboard near bottom of the list. From there you can send email to specific users or a group.

    If you want to notify a group of users about a new post or page, there is a “Notify” menu on the Posts and Pages menus. There is also a “Notify” meta box in the upper right hand corner when editing a post or page.

    I just want to send a simple text email to particular user. I can’t find the list of users to select.

    Any ideas?

    I can’t find the emails to select to send email.

    Quick response please.

    Do you see a menu item “Email Users” on the right in your WP admin area? For me, I found that somewhere below “Settings”…

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    From your Dashboard, look for the “Email Users” menu on the left side. From there choose “Send to User(s)”. On the next screen if there are no users listed it means none of your users are set up to receive email. You can change this on the Dashboard->Email Users->User Settings page. It is pretty self explanatory.

    After when I go into email users. There is a box ‘Recipients’ which is empty. There are no email address of my users there. The rest of the things seems fine. The only issue is that i didn’t find any email addresses. Shall I have to add these manually?

    Appreciate your response.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Did you check the email and notification settings for your users as I noted above?

    How many users does your site have?

    My site have 900 users.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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