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  • Hi all,

    I’m trying to sell my posts (or some specific posts at least).

    I’ve looked at different plugins so far but thought I would ask recommendations from people more familiar with this than I am.

    Haven’t exactly figured out the proper user workflow since it may depend on the actual plugin….

    Any thoughts are welcome!

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • It would depend on your website, are you having members with subscriptions and pay per view?

    Haven’t exactly figured out the proper user workflow since it may depend on the actual plugin….

    • Have good free to view public content to bring in visitors.
    • Have private post parts or private downloads that members and free members can view and or download, like a primer.
    • Have ‘premuim content’ pay per download or pay per view, subscription or per post.

    There are a number of membership plugins that do pay per download or pay to read more.

    I use Magic Members on my website which has this feature, my affiliate link, I do not charge but if you view a post on my website you can read it all, but to download the ‘free’ supporting theme files, you must be registered and logged in, this reduces the bounce rate as in single post views.

    Pay Per Post Access
    Allow even more flexibility with the Pay Per Post access feature. Magic Members provides you the ability to allow free memberships to purchase content or articles on a per post basis.

    It is $97 a year for this plugin, it is well supported and feature rich, there are cheaper and free plugins, in my experience you do get what you pay for with membership plugins.

    Discount Coupons For Magic Members Plugin:
    Single License: MGM876MM $10.00 Off!
    3 site License: MGM965MM $15.00 Off!
    Unlimited License: MGM996MM $25.00 Off!



    The question is How to sell your posts, and not what do you sell?

    Which plugins to use for pay per view posts, what methods do you use to bring in the buyers.


    hi digital raindrops,

    thanks for your answer and sorry for my late reply.

    my “client” has not decided whether she’ll go with subscription or pay per view model yet. i don’t know how relevant going with both models is though.

    paying for a plugin is out of the question at this point.

    i see that you have 10 year memberships on your site. do you have many people going for that length of time ? 🙂


    I have all memberships including the Free one set at 10 years, if you read the subscriptions are a donation to help support the website, there is no premium content or pay per view.

    The website, hosting, paid plugins, domain renewals, image licenses, before I write a post is about $500 a year, without renewing any imaging software, a percentage of depreciation for kit used, use of broadband, etc: would take the costs closer to $1200 a year.

    The time taken for research, writing posts etc: is also given free.

    Google ads brings about $120 a year, some visitors that might have been struggling with a bit of code, do value what I produce and buy a subscription or donate from the money they save finding a quick answer, “time is money” but that would be about another $50 to $80 a year.

    My business model will find you $800++ out of pocket plus your time, so it is no good following my model.

    Having said that if someone has something like a free article or digital download, followed by a series of downloads or articles that people want and are willing to pay for, then there are a few making a living from the web.

    Like stock images though it is a small few that will make a reasonable living, and a few million more that will aspire to do the same, these are cash cows (fodder) for the get rich schemes and fail badly.

    If paying $97 for a plugin is out of budget or out of the question then so should be the client!



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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