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  • One hosting company I was using last year removed the edit button in my WordPress dashboard. They were experiencing too many customer support requests that involved white screens. They also felt it would beef up a site’s security by not giving hackers immediate access to some of the files.

    When I changed hosting companies, I had the option of having them remove the edit button, but I chose to leave it. I’m mostly using Transmit now to make any changes to my child theme. But what do you think about disabling the edit button? Is that a good precaution?

    Another concern is FTP versus SFTP. Most hosting companies seem to be automatically set up for FTP. But my preferred company that I just can’t afford only uses SFTP. I had to leave them due to finances, but during my time with them I became accustomed to only using SFTP.

    When I asked my new hosting provider to convert me to SFTP, they said they would, but it hasn’t happened. Anxious to work on my website, I’m wondering if I should just go ahead and use FTP.

    But what do you think about this? Should I always use SFTP as a safety precaution?

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  • It looks like with FTP your password is visible, as is all transmitted data. SFTP encrypts all data, including your password. That seems like reason enough to stop using FTP.

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