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  • Hello wordpress!
    I have a website which needs to be SSL secured.. I am a web developer, i know development but i dont know anything about SSL certificate or how to add it to a website or how to get a ssl certificate.
    So please mates need your help. answer my 3 simple questions:
    What is a SSL certificate and what is it used for?
    How to add a SSL certificate to a wordpress website – guide me a little please and
    How to get a SSL certificate for my website – my hosting providers are godaddy and domain providers are network solutions.


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  • You can’t put an SSL certficate on your site yourself. Your hosting company needs to do that for you. You’ll need ot check with then if they have to supply it or if you can buy one from a 3rd party and they’ll install it.

    You generally need to buy the SSL cert from your domain manager or host and also use a private nameservers which is normally only available on pro shared or vps accounts

    Thanks michael, So my hosting provider is godaddy and as i have checked they have an option of SSL certificates with their hosting. If i buy the SSL certificate from them, would my problem be solved? I mean will i be able to get that https before my urls itself? i just have to buy the certificate from the same hosting account right?

    Thanks brad. now you and michael are suggesting different things to me, he says that my hosting will do it for me and you are saying that my domain providers will do it?

    Moderator kmessinger


    my hosting or
    domain providers

    Brad and Michael mean the same thing.

    Yes, it is really the same thing. Go thorugh Godaddy as they will be able to get it set up on their systems easier then anyone else. When that’s done you should be able to access the site directly through

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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