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  • Is there an easy and accurate way to search for example, the support forums for a specific plugin? I tried doing a site: google search but it doesn’t seem to work well. I can understand the plugin authors not wanting us to duplicate questions, but how can we search to see if our question has been asked?

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  • Sorry! We know the search should be a lot better and a better search facility has been on the ToDo list for ages. However, despite appearances, it’s by no means a simple job. The WPORG network is huge with extremely complex, cross-sector, connections, so building in additional search filters is extremely difficult.

    So, please bear with us.

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    I understand, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing something or some work around to be able to search the forums..

    Guys! The search still sucks!! Could you PLEASE put a “search this forum” option under each forum. It wouldn’t be that hard- maybe 10 minutes to install it.

    It has sucked for YEARS. Seriously… 10 minutes is all it would take to install a custom search box

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    Going through this right now. I’d like to search the support forums for Breadcrumb NavXT to search for an issue I’m having, and I can’t because it searches >everything<.

    Makes these support forums pretty useless on my end.

    It doesn’t help that url excludes the plugin-name altogether so using Google’s {query} doesn’t work very well and might as well use the built in site-wide search.

    This makes it extremely difficult to narrow down a result within a specific plugin’s support threads.

    As an alternative one can use {query} which still doesn’t search within the individual thread topic’s content but rather the topic titles and only returns which paginated page that matching title exists so one also has to be careful of Google omitting results due to “like” urls.

    Any suggestions around this?

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 10 months ago by pingram. has the worst search functionality ever. I cannot understand why there seems to be no way to only search the threads for a particular plugin for example, but every search stirs the whole forum soup.

    It’s a real shame this can’t be sorted. The support forums for some of the plugins offer a deep source of good information but it’s nearly impossible to find past posts. Sequential browsing is so 1990’s.

    what’s the point of having SEPERATE forums if they are not SEPARATELY searchable?

    maybe a robust search engine is not possible, but yikes, this seems basic

    Is there a way to bring to the fore front of the web boffins at WordPress? Simply saying “it’s hard” is not only a cop out but a flat out lie as well. I’m a beginner at WordPress and even I can create search functions that sort between posts/ directories and can distinguish between things to be searched.

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    Yeah… honestly this is pathetic.

    Plugin support I want to search has FORTY FIVE pages of issues. How in the world am I supposed to find if my question has been asked? This is a waste of time for everyone involved. If my questions already been asked and answered, ugh. No easy way to know.

    Sometimes i have to search in the forum of a specific plugin, and i’am so pissed that i dream about doing a curl script parsing/indexing every single page of the concerned plugin’s forum .

    Yeah it’s hardcore, but someday i’ll have to.

    @stephdotnet You could sell that.

    +1 for this features,
    some plugins have dozens of support page, and it is impossible to search something into them, or even just add simple filters by tags.

    If you want some inspiration, GitHub has a great bug tracker. 🙂

    Thanks for your consideration !

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    That this is still the situation is just appallingly ridiculous.

    Well I feel better that everybody else is pissed off also.

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