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  • Hello everybody!

    My client imported the posts from old site and some images are missing!
    He wants me to for from post to post to look for each imagem that has not been imported and search in the old server to import manually.
    Is there an easier wary or a plugin that can check the links FROM THE POST using tag so I wont have to look for each page manually? There are hundreds of posts and in each post about 10+ images…

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  • The best solution is to make a zip file of the upload folder from original site and then FTP to the new site’s upload folder and unzip it. Before doing that, make a backup of the new site’s upload folder, I’d just rename it to something else and delete it after making sure the new upload folder is completed and working fine.

    If there are still some broken image links, see to it that they are direct links to images source hosted outside which sometimes get deleted, in this case we can only find new images and always upload to WP and not direct link. There are broken link checker plugins, just search for it in plugin repo.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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