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  1. Sabbotage
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi guys,

    Sorry if this seems like a silly question. My blog is powered by WordPress here http://www.thescienceofstyle.com/blog and I want to use WordPress on my main site http://www.thescienceofstyle.com specifically the Portfolium layout, as I'm a journalist/stylist.

    I have the WordPress script installed on /blog and had a free blog before and transferred the XML over back in March. I don't have the WordPress script installed on the main site. However I can't use cPanel to install it again, which is the only thing I think I can do I've been looking on the forums and the closest I've found to my dilemma is to use a child theme - however I want to run a different theme on the main site. With Portfolium you create different pages in the menu, which I would use to showcase my work, and also I'd have a tab for BLOG which will go to /blog. My blog is also monetised, and will be getting ads soon, and I don't want to have those on my main site.

    Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated! I'm pretty dire with computers :(

  2. normally I'd just say that MultiSite can totally do that, just pick separate themes per site, but if you're that dire at setups, I should warn you that MultiSite is more advanced than single site.

    You may want to consider jobs.wordpress.net and hire someone to get you set up.

  3. Sabbotage
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for the reply. How would I set up Multisite?

  4. mrarrow
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Multisite is so what you need. Each blog within your site can have a different theme, plugins, widgets, content.

    These instructions are how you would setup Multisite, but if you can't follow them and if you're that dire with computers, then you shouldn't be attempting it! Also, depending on your host, you may not even be allowed to do it.

    And as ipstenu says, you would need to get someone in to set it up for you...

  5. And it would be complete overkill for only two blogs.
    And she's using /blog/ which is off the main site in multisite, not separate.

    So no, in this case multisite would not be a good solution.

  6. Sabbotage
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Anything I can do?

  7. You can use the theme you want on the main part of the site, and use the same theme for the /blog portion, AND you can manage the ads so they don't show on the front. All in one install. you don't need two full themes.

    If you did want the blog part to look different, you could make some of the template files different.

  8. Sabbotage
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks Andrea.

    Would you know how I can install WordPress on the main site? I used Simple Scripts though cPanel to do the install on /blog where it currently is, but when I went to export the install, it told me it would wipe the files :s

    I do a database backup every week, unless it means wiping the holding page on the main site, which doesn't matter.

  9. Do an Export either via the database (phpmyadmin) or the internal WordPress export button, which gets the posts pages & comments.

    Not a fan of simple scripts. Install wordpress manually, it's a 5 minute deal.

  10. Sabbotage
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Would you recommend I back up my database on blog then get rid of Simple Scripts then install WordPress manually?

  11. Yes, and then import the db into the new blog.

  12. Sabbotage
    Posted 4 years ago #

    ... I'm a bit lost.

  13. Sabbotage
    Posted 4 years ago #

    What I mean is, because someone else told me to run multisite, but that's not going to be helpful to me. Trying to do the install at the moment, my FTP client is playing up, will try again in the morning!

  14. Well, for what you want to do, either way is not for beginners. You'll have to either muddle through the best you can or hire someone.

    I mean, we can give some basic directions and guidance, but not step by step.

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