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  • I am having the same problem. Everything looks fine when form is submitted, no email ever arrives.

    I’ve the same problem since 4.8 on most of my website, not for all…, please update your plugin, it’s too important for us

    I confirm with version 7.4.7 everything works again

    how is this possible ! everyone goes back this bug and the developer does nothing?

    Luc, the developer is active here and he has answered questions. He also is continually updating the program. He has put it out free and opensource with a donation button that I am sure is used rarely. Lets be easy on this. Opensource depends on an active community doing their part. One observation is that the problem appears to be an issue with REST API but it may not be. I have tried using 4.8 on a clean site and all is well. It does not work on my site and I am not sure why– yet. The REST API issues is not helping me. So, it is a matter of finding the offending plugin, contacting the author, and getting an update in most cases. So, rolling back is a temporary solution to keep your site running until all other plugin’s are up to speed. Then there are also my own functions, I have to scout through those and find where there may be errors that conflict. In the case of my own functions it is my problem not the authors. The fact that my code has worked for years does not mean it is compatible with newer standards. When you find the offending plugin or code, report your solution here for all to know. That makes opensource work better. And, as I understand, part of the reason for 4.8 is to make it more secure, that is a good thing. So, roll back, as a temporary solution and do the hard work of finding the offending plugin or code, get that changed, then update to 4.8. It would be foolish to just stay at 4.7 if a more secure version exists.

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    thanks for tour feed back Cravaus, I share and understand the opinion. thanks

    There is still no solution found by the developers to what I see?
    Version 4.8 and even 4.8.1 still has always the same problem … I will have to change plugin for my clients…

    Does rolling back mean I have to recreate my forms? How exactly do I do this?

    I downloaded the WP ROLLBACK plugin and it worked perfectly and easily to roll back to 4.7

    With the new version 4.9 I think the problem with API REST is resolve. I have not tested them all, but I think all my website works

    how is this possible ! everyone goes back this bug and the developer does nothing?

    I haven’t problem with 4.9 version . And I did not disable the API REST.

    Check your theme for the removal of filters and actions related to the REST API

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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