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  • I was tinkering with the Zempt editor and realized I could edit “pages” if I specified the ID# and let it download it directly.

    However upon uploading I discovered WordPress (edit: I mean zempt set the wrong attributes and WordPress then) changed the Page to a Post.

    I can’t seem to undo it via Zempt but I would like to go into phpmyadmin and change whatever got toggled in the database for that entry.

    Are Pages just posts with a special hidden category in WordPress? Hopefully this is an easy fix, just want to see if anyone knows for certain…

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  • Pages and Posts are stored in the same table with different attributes, yes.

    I doubt WP changed the Page to a Post. I’d be looking at Zempt for that one…

    Definitely not blaming WordPress at all.
    Just would like to know how to manually fix it.

    I am certain zempt changed it because it was designed pre-Wordpress and probably saved it with attributes of a post (unknowingly).

    I could also post the fix to the zempt authors.

    Perhaps there is even a work-around possible without a zempt update (which may be a long time coming) so it can actually save “pages” correctly.

    I didn’t think this out enough.
    I just created a fresh “page” to compare for myself in phpmyadmin and from what I can see, the difference between a “page” and a “post is that

    “post_status” is set to “static” for “page”
    and it’s set to “published” for “posts”

    nice! now let me see if I can hack Zempt to support it…

    (no luck on Zempt, it’s hardcoded, wrote the support people on that…)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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