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  • I recently installed WP and really like it. The intuitive interface makes it a good option for some of my prospects. There is only one thing that really has me dazzled.
    When opening the testsite I created (, I get a startpage which I can edit in the admin panel. So far so good. Now I created other testpages, and when I click those, they also work fine. However, when I want to go back to the frontpage, I have no idea to get there within the interface. I don’t want to be using the back button for only the frontpage. Where does it go? And how do I get it in my interface? Thanks in advance.

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  • Usually, clicking on the Header text will do it.

    Now there is the problem. I am not using any headertext. I changed the header BG image to include the headertext because of the specific fonttype.

    No-one who can tell me how to get back to the main page?
    This really is a problem for me, renders the tool quite useless.
    What am I missing here? I can’t believe I’m the first one asking this question.

    Add a link to Home in your sidebar.php with good ol’ html? For instance, in your sidebar add a link right after “Pagina‚Äôs” and right before your WP function call to list the other pages.

    Make your header image a link to home?

    It is your theme – where do YOU want to put a link?

    Y don’t u edit your template and put a link manually as HOME ?

    or try this

    in your footer [wordt met**] gepaste trots aangedreven door WordPress
    Artikelen (RSS) en Comments (RSS).

    Edit it to make it as a link to ur home page.


    edit ur sidebar, just abv the pages option, put a link as HOME. or include it in the page option, just edit ur sidebar.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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