How to retrieve values from network settings panel? (1 post)

  1. Viruthagiri
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm using wordpress 3.3. I've created a plugin

    My plugin details:

    My plugin creates a sub menu under Network settings and create two form fields to define adsense code (200 x 200 ad, 300 x 250 ad).

    Here is the screenshot.

    This is my plugin code for network super admin.


    I'm using this code to print the code in my theme.

    <?php ads1(); ?> and <?php ads2(); ?>

    But its not working..

    When i use the plugin for normal admins its working perfectly.
    This is the plugin code for normal admins


    This is the difference between both versions

    I have no idea why the normal admin version working and super admin version not working.

    I tried to print the function plugin itself, its working in network admin.

    But its not working when i call it outside the network admin.

    Can anyone tell me whats wrong in my code?
    Is there any special hook available to retrieve the value outside the network.

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