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  • Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried restricting the floating space for this bar? I have this idea of placing the floating bar inside my content space, rather than have it hover outside. I don’t really like having it float alongside my comments area and footer and I want it to stop at the end of the content.

    The technical stuff:
    I haven’t taken a deep look at this plugin, but I assume that it changes css positions based on where you are:

    1. Before you scroll past .entry (the area where your posts begin), the sharebar is position:absolute, top:0.

    2. When you scroll past .entry, the sharebar becomes position:fixed.

    3. I’d like it so that once you scroll into a footer area, the sharebar would become position:absolute, bottom:0.

    These are all just guesses as to how the floating action is made. I’d appreciate any input from anyone. 1

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