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  • Hi,

    My following wordpress news site is getting so many spam posts. I need to restrict some specific words from any post. Could anyone guide me any plugin or any solution to exclude specific words from post of users.

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  • Did you mean comments? Easy. Two things you need to do

    1. Go to Settings > Discussion and you will see to big boxes “Comment Moderation” and “Comment Blacklist” and fill them up with the words you want to blacklist. Mine is filled with ‘Viagra’ other medical terms. If they post comments with these keywords the comments end up in trash bin automatically.

    2. Install a CAPTCHA plugin. I am using SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam, (there are many others to choose from) that will block bots posting comments in your post because, for now, only humans can read the pictures and fill up the fields.

    3. Ensure that anyone who wants to post articles needs a username approved by you. Don’t allow anyone and everyone to be able to login and post.


    No Comment. I need to restrict certain words in POST.

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