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    You can restore the files using an FTP Program and you can restore the Database using a MySQL Database Program.

    Thank You!

    I have never used My SQL so how do I do that??

    a more detailed “how to” would be very beneficial to those like me that are not developers or webmasters. thanks in advance.


    What a rubbish response! OK its simple backup… but what about a guide on how to restore! No point having one without the other!

    simple backup, complex restore!! Anyone that wants a simple backup will want a simple restore. If it takes a MySQL DB program knowledge to restore then this is not the right plugin for me and many others.

    Plugin Author ChrisHurst


    Restoring WordPress Backups depends mostly on your web hosting provider and what tools they provide and allow to access their database server.

    For example many web hosts have phpMyAdmin (web based MySQL DB Admin Tools) built into the web hosting control panel.

    Once you know which MySQL DB Admin tool you have available, you simply need to use the ‘restore’ function to import and restore the .sql backup file.

    Restoring the File Backups is normally done by FTP. The first step is to extract all of the files from inside of the backup file. The second step is to rename the root directory of your website and create a new empty directory, with the same name. If your website lives at /home/ rename the wordpress/ directory to wordpress_old/ and then create a new (empty) wordpress/ directory. Now if you copy all of the files you extracted from the backup file to the new wordpress/ directory you should end up with an almost identical copy of the wordpress_old/ directory. The wordpress/ directory is the new, restored version, and the wordpress_old/ is the old and broken version. You may need to change some file and directory permissions after a restore, use the old version (in the wordpress_old/ directory) as a guide.

    More info can be found on our website here:

    Please feel free to contact us directly via our website if you have specific questions or get stuck during a restore.

    Thank You!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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