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  • Hi, out there!
    Hope someone will be able to help me. Following some mis-manipulation I lost access to my admin panel I tried to save as much as I could my files (but could not make a back-up) and I installed a new wordpress, an upgrade from the old one. I followed the instructions – kept my wp-config file and wp-content folder that I put over the new wp-content. But I still cannot access my old files from the control panel
    Any ideas?

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  • Hi. It’s not quite clear from your question whether you upgraded WordPress, or reinstalled it from scratch. Could you be more specific about the error you’re getting when you try to access a file you expect to be there?

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    If indeed you deleted the wp-content folder and it is no longer available, you might need to restore it from a backup copy. Contact your host / server administrator to see what your options are there.

    Hi, and thanks for the rapid reaction I re-installed wordpress copletely and placed the old wp-content folder in the place of the new one I saved the oled wp-content folder but not as a backup file that one can import On the new installation everything is OK, there’s no error message, but it’s completely empty and I cannot see/restore my files

    Thanks. Can you try moving the old wp-content folder into place on the reinstalled site? If it has all of your files, you’ll need to move it into the WordPress directory (possibly backing up the fresh one just in case) so that those files can become available for viewing.

    It would still be good to understand better what you mean by “completely empty” – if you can provide a link or a screenshot that would be great.

    I just wanted to say that the wp that I installed from scratch is a later version The old one was 3.6 and the new is 3.8

    This is what i did – moved the old wp content to replace the reinstalled one I can see the files are on the server but cannot access them from the control panel Here’s what the site looks like now – there’s just nothing in it

    You need to restore your database if you have a backup (hopefully).

    You have the theme, plugins, and uploaded images, but not the post/page/media data currently.

    Thanks to all who might care for my problem I hope I managed to backup the database but it contains also the faults that I am trying to resolve That’s why I wanted to reset wp and keep only my content

    Could the problem be caused by the later version of WP that I installed and is there any chance to solve it if I install the earlier version?

    What sort of database backup do you have? A .sql file?
    WordPress Exporter XML file?

    I have an .sql file but when I tried to recover it, there was an incomprehensible for me error message I am not too sure how to manage database and if it is possible to recover only one part of it

    I find it curious, however, that when I post new articles, they go exactly in the same place as all the others that I cannot access, in the /uploads folder. I can see that all my old photos are also there but they do not appear in the gallery

    I’m not sure what you mean about new articles showing up in the /uploads folder… That should just be images and other media you have uploaded.

    As far as your old images being in a folder on the server, but not showing up…that’s because you have missing/corrupt data.

    Having the files on the server is a start, but WordPress is totally unaware of them without the database records that go with.

    If you have a good .sql backup (and know your way around databases), you could import the backup into a new empty db, and then selectively export from there the tables you want to copy over to your production db.

    If that is outside your skillset, at this point you might be better off trying the support for your hosting account and see what backups they have, maybe they can restore your entire site to a previous working version.

    In the future, maybe take a look at VaultPress, it’s cheap and well worth it.

    I already tried with my host – they have a service restoring the site to an earlier date, but it didn’t work for me. I’ll see if I can manage with the sql db

    Thanks, anyway, good to remind me that from now on I’ll have to backup

    I have one more (stupid) question to ask As I am trying to put back to work my site, I am uploading again all my images. But I can see all of them already on the server – unachievable from the control panel!

    Will it be better to delete them first before re-uploding them? Sounds exasperating

    If you don’t, you will get duplicates created with new filenames. It won’t hurt anything, but the existing files still won’t be used.

    instead of image.jpg, you’ll end up with image1.jpg

    Thanks a lot for the swift response and for the understanding

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