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  • lewis947


    I have upgraded to 3.3 and would like to retore 3.2.1. With the upgade I cannot upload any image files from my PC.

    I have an exported copy of my files before upgrade and I have a backup copy of the database.

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  • Hi

    Just download the version of wordpress you want from the repository and unzip them to your desk top.

    then using ftp you need to delete the wp-admin and wp-includes folders on your server and then just replace them with the ones in the wp 3.2 flder on your desktop.

    then you need to replace all the wordpress files in the root of your server with the ones in the root of your wp3.2 folder.

    do not delete the wp-config.php file as this contains all your database details and if you overwrite or delete this file then your web site will lose contact with your database. It’s probably best before you do any thing to make a back up of the wp-config.php file that you have on your server so you can replace it if things go wrong. This is the most important file to back up.

    Once you’ve replaced all the files just log in and you will be asked to update you database. Press yes and you’ve returned back to wp3.2




    I’m surprised there is not an auto restore to previous versions within wordpress. That would make life easier for those who find problems with a new upgrade.



    Thanks Kevin:

    I did find part of my problem. I appears that 3.3 upgrade reset the permissions on my folders, ie “uploads”. I reset them and now I can upload one image at a time with the browser uploader.

    The “multi-file upload with drag and drop does not work. Do you suppose another folder may need permissions re-set?

    Hi Lewis

    Sorry I can not help you with that. I reverted my sites back to wordpress 3.2 because of a lot of issues with tinymce and javascript conflicts.

    I’m currrently going through them all and trying to deal with one site at a time in a development environment before upgrading to 3.3


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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