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  • Hi,

    This may be a silly question but I thought I would ask anyway. I have recently used imsanity to help speed up my website and in doing so I really messed up the quality of the pictures on my website. I have over 500 images, and would really like to restore my pictures to their former glory (if this is even possible). I am really not a tech savvy person, but any kind advice would be appreciated.

    I have emailed imsanity asking for support but I haven’t received a reply yet. Can anyone help me?

    And thanks in advance =)

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  • You can reload a backup of your website that contains images as they should be.
    As far as improving the site load time is considered, you can use caching plugins, Jetpack’s image content delivery network and other suitable plugins that will not compromise on image quality/size.

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply @adamstar1! I am using Cloudflare CDN and W3 Total Cache (though I don’t know if I set it up right), and I installed the smush it plugin as well. But even after installing smush it my site was still slow due to the images and their respective sizes.

    And geez, the last time I did a backup was well over a year ago and there has been a lot of images uploaded since then… is there anything else I can do? Thank you so much for your input!

    Well, I bit the bullet and just decided to add some new images, but the minute that I upload the images are automatically compressed even after I have deleted the widget that compressed the images. How can I get this back to normal? Thanks!

    My friend figured it out~ you were right. It had nothing to do with Imsanity and everything to do with my DNS server. I had installed an app on cloudflare called instaflare that I guess wasn’t compatible with my widgets. After uninstalling and waiting a few minutes, my website went back to normal =) Thanks for your help though!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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