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  • My website is still in development and not yet public, so I can’t link.

    On Front Page, menu (horiz) is at top, then slider (static) with graphic. Then below that there were 3 Featured Pages cameos, accessed via: Appearance>Customize>Front Page Content>Featured Pages.

    Everything basically worked, but I wanted to add a link to a Blog page which would show a thumbnail of current top post, with link to it. I wanted this to to appear just beneath the static slider graphic, and just above the Featured Pages cameos.

    So I created a Blog page and designated it to display posts. Then on Front Page I used Nimble Builder to insert Post Grid module to show top post from Blog page, with Featured Image for post. This works (i.e., everything displays properly, and the link takes you to top post on Blog page).

    But the Featured Pages have disappeared. The info for these is still in the Featured Pages section of Appearance>Customize, but they do not display on Front Page. (I expected them to appear just below the Blog post link.)

    I would like to either (1) reinstate the original Featured Pages cameos, or (2) create similar cameo-style links with Nimble Builder. I don’t see any option in Nimble Builder to allow me do to that.

    Can anyone help or suggest a possible solution to this?

    Thanks — Lyndon

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