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    I have text in the 3 widgets in the footer. I would like to increase the area allotted to the middle widget (“Clients Include”), and decrease the area allotted to the left-hand widget (“About Us”), while maintaining an equal amount of spacing between widgets. I am having trouble understanding which CSS code corresponds to which footer widget. And I think I should be focusing on padding, right?

    I have created a child theme and am making all of my CSS changes there. I tried messing with all of the padding amounts for the footer widgets, but nothing I did make a noticeable change. I was able to reduce the padding on ‘.footer .widget_inner.last’ to 3px, which increases the size of the area for the middle widget text, but makes the spacing between the widgets uneven.

    Can someone please tell me which CSS code I should be adjusting? Any help appreciated.

    Thank you!!

    p.s. This is an awesome community. I have learned a ton just by reading through the support threads for this theme.

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  • It seems that your theme supports different footer widget size because there are two classes there – grid_12 and grid_6. Simply add another widget with the grid_6 class and change the CSS class of the About us widget from grid_12 to grid_16. Then you should have four perfectly even boxes 🙂

    Thank you for responding to my post so quickly, Hristo. You rock.

    I must not have been clear– let me try again. I am not looking to create 4 footer widgets. I’m looking to shrink the size of the ‘About Us’ widget, and increase the size of the ‘Clients Include’ widget.

    Any ideas about how to tackle this?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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