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    Really nice Plugin, thanks a lot!

    I use PO for a few weeks during I build up a new website. I set all settings from page to page, and now I think it is not the best way to manage the plugins.

    I think it´s better to use the global settings and the filters..

    Is there a way to reset all settings to start new ?

    Best regards

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  • One more question, please..

    What is the best practice to disable Plugins in the admin area ? For example, we use LayerSlider and it has its own Menu-Entrys on the left site in the wp-menu.

    How can we define on which pages this plugin is in use and in which not?

    We have a lot of plugins and it would be awesome to speed up the admin area.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    Go to the settings page and select No under preserve plugin settings. Then when you deactivate the plugin all of your settings will be deleted.
    For the admin area you need to set Admin Areas under Selective Plugin Loading to enable. Then you can create a plugin filter with the permalink and select also affect children. You will need to have fuzzy url matching enabled on the settings page for this to work. The plugins you disable on this plugin filter will be disabled on the admin side.

    Hey! Thanks for your fast reply, thumbs up!

    Thats good to know with the settings, thanks.

    I know how to set the filters. My Problem is another one. Where should I set them?

    For example. I have a chat plugin that I just wanna use for BuddyPress. So I don´t wanna need it on pages or posts eg. It´s no problem to set this for the Frontend..

    In the admin area this plugin creates a own submenu on the left. If I go to settings, it shows me a PL like this: http://domain/wp-admin/admin.php?page=chat_settings_panel_site

    Now my Question. How can I set a filter to show me the Plugin Settings-Pages if I set it globally to off ?

    If I deactivate this Plugin in the admin area for all other PL´s, can it happen that there comes some issues, or is it the same like on the Frontend-Pages, that the plugin just need to appear on the pages where it needs.. ??

    Hope you understand what I mean, sorry for my bad english..

    Best regards

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    Disable the plugin globally and create a filter with the url you posted and enable that plugin on it. Then turn ignore url arguments to disabled on the settings page.

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