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  • Hi all, I’m using wordpress 2.5 and have about a 100+ posts on my blog. I would like to repost some of articles that we written when I first started the blog a couple of months ago. I thought I could just change the post date from the edit page but that doesn’t seem to work.

    So how does one repost and make it appear at the top of the blog?

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  • that should work, if you’re doing it correctly… and frankly I can’t imagine how you could be doing it incorrectly.

    Well, it’s not working, it should be simple, just change the post date via the edit post page. Doesn’t seem to work. Anyone have suggestions.

    WP Version?
    I just tried with WP2.5, it worked as expected.
    Did you save after changing the date?
    What date has that post now? Did the date really change?

    Looks like the date of the post did change. I guess what’s my problem is that the date has changed, but it the post does not show up as the first post on the blog. Any thoughts?

    I’d be interested to see if your theme has a line with “query_posts” in the index.php

    If your theme is extracting posts in an order other than chronological, this could explain the behaviour.

    if, for instance, it’s being sorted by the ID of the post, changing the date will make no difference to the order.

    Thanks, I fixed it. Your assumptions were correct. I actually went back to the original version of the theme and everything worked as expected. Sometime in the past I must of modified the index.php in my changed version. Don’t remember doing that, but I fixed it.


    good to know it’s fixed.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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