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  • Hi, my name is Kelly Anches and I am from the Netherlands. I have a question and I hope smene can help with an answer. Here is trhe question:

    I run a WordPress blog and I have a static home page, but now I want my most recent blog to appear first when someone enters my blog. I have deleted the static page, but it keeps coming back and my most recent page is nowhere to be found.

    How can I get rid of the home page and have my most recent blog appears first?

    Hope someone can help me solve this problem. I have tried everything but nothing works.

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  • Check the Static front page settings in Administration > Settings > Reading and make sure Front page displays — Posts page.

    Thanks Michael for your reply, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I followed your advice and did what you suggested, but the problem is still there.

    I still see the static page I have now deleted and the my most recent blogpost is nowhere to be find.

    My blog url

    in case you want to take a look. When you start selecting posts from the most recent list you will see new more recent blogs appear.

    Thanks for your effort,

    Then deactivate all plugins and switch to the WordPress Default theme.

    Ok, Michael – I’ll try this. But can you explain why the static home page I have deleted a few days ago is still popping up?


    p.s, Tomorrow I’ll let you know if this solution has worked for me. Thanks, anyway. I appreciate your help highly.

    Can’t explain it.

    Thanx Michael – it seems to work. But there is a but. One of my friends claim he still sees the old version of my blog from his desktop. So, I have decided to simply rebuild the blog from scratch, meaning: copy all posts I have written so far to notepad, delete and recreate the blog database and then copy / paste all the posts from wordpad and into my WordPress editor.

    I think that will work.

    But thanx very much for your help.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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