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  • Hi

    I did a search first on this, but it may be so dumb that nobody else needs help with it.

    I currently have a website ( with stuff that is up and working. My goal is to delete all the content and replace this content with wordpress and then put a cool theme in there. The goal is when someone clicks on they will arrive at the theme.

    I am using Bluehost. If I just install WP on faulknerfiction within bluehost, will it automatically erase my current content and replace it with the 2014 kind of default wordpress theme, then I just add the cool theme? Is that all I need to do? (I have a backup of the current website, so no problems there).

    I hate to get on here and look like an idiot, but I’d rather do it up front than be in the position of begging for someone to solve a problem after the fact.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • You may want to install WP in a sub-directory so that you can get the new site set up and running the way you want it – and then get rid of your old site. Otherwise anyone will be able to see the new (unfinished) WP site when they go to your domain name – probably not what you want.

    Your current site content won’t be automatically moved to WP (not sure if that’s part of your question).

    You should also set up the WP site using whatever theme you ultimately want to use – as themes have different options/settings so it’s not always just a matter of switching to make everything the way you want it.


    If I were to set up the new WP in a subdomain off Faulknerficiton, could I then just overlay Faulknerfiction with it later when I was through setting up? How hard would that process be?

    I don’t need the current content moved over to WP

    And again thanks

    Yep, see the link above – it explains how to do that.

    This post has been usefull a second time !!
    Thanks WPyogi.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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