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  • Just for reference, ‘How To’ usually means you’re written a how to, not asking for help. You may want to edit your post title.

    Depends on what your theme is using currently to display those Pages. Without seeing you blog and knowing how Pages are currently produced, it’s kind of hard to point you in the right direction.

    One of the functions that lists pages is wp_list_pages. You may want to look at the docs and see if that helps.

    Give us the name of the function that’s currently producing the links would help. 🙂

    This would be a lot easier if I understood this more…

    Would it help any to give the url of my WordPress?

    I’m eventually catching onto all these things, but I commonly work with HTML and just installed WordPress yesterday.

    A quick google search for “wordpress reorder pages” might help.

    You should be able to change the page order in the Manage, Pages, Edit pages window. There is a ‘Page Order’ selection to the right of the Page edit window. Select the plus sign to expand and set the order of each page, 1, 2, 3, etc.

    This feature can be broken by some themes. If you theme is one of them you may need to hack your sidebar. Take a look at
    for a possible solution.

    Ok, so there are all these style sheets that I can view but I don’t seem to find one for the pages. The closest thing I found was “Page Template” but I didn’t see any code to match what I saw on those links.

    Then let’s get back to the basics (=giving proper info in your question).
    Where do you want to alter the order of Pages?

    Every page? See what I currently have is:


    But when I go to ‘manage pages’ – they’re in the proper order that I am looking for:


    The above is how I want it to look no matter where you navigate to.

    You should read more carefully…
    Do you mean you want to change the order in the sidebar (menu) of your blog? (that was the question)

    If the answer is YES, then obviously you should edit your sidebar.php – which displays the Pages list.
    The link drmike gave you above has the answer to your question, you just have to read it. In the 7 minutes between his answer and your reply to it… you couldn’t study, try, apply what is in that article.

    Take a look at your theme’s sidebar.php file and see what function is creating the Pages.

    In all honesty, if you need to do an order like that, you may have to remove the function all together and hard code the links.

    Ok for one thing – I’m 100% new to WordPress and 100% new to CSS. For seven years I’ve designed with HTML simply for the fun of it. This is my first real site and I’m working on building it without any help from anyone other than people online.
    I’m trying to figure it out, I’ve been trying to figure it out by myself for the past 2 hours, just like I spent 5 hours trying to figure out the WordPress 5-minute install because I’ve never used FTP software before.
    I have a 5:00pm deadline to have made some progress, I’m only looking for some simple help from people who are clearly more experienced in WordPress than I am.

    Thank you, I see the sidebar stylesheet now.

    Actually, using the sort_column=menu_order parameter AND defining an order number in the admin interface for every Page (under the Page Order box) – you can have whatever order you wish…

    7 years designing websites and you don’t know what a ftp client is? – gimme a break…

    I didn’t say seven years of designing websites with official domain names, did I? Please, I couldn’t afford it. I used free hosting sites moshu where I didn’t have to worry about FTP.

    I edited the code so that it is now:

    <?php wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=ID’); ?>

    However it is still showing up in Alphabetical Order. Any ideas?

    Also tried ‘menu_order’ and there is still no success.

    Use the menu_order. You then go into the Dashboard -> Manage -> Pages and assign an order to each Page.

    I have given an order to each page. I have Members being ‘1’ but I’m still getting ‘Blog’ as the first page on the list.

    I am also still getting “Pages” at the top, despite editing the code so it is title_li=’)

    Using this:
    <?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=ID'); ?>
    whatever you do in the admin does NOT have any effect.

    <?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order'); ?>
    will take the numbers you assign.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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