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  • Hi everyone.

    I created a custome menu and set it as my primary menu after adding some already-created pages to it. I don’t like the order of the pages but can’t use drag and drop to change the order of the menu items because I’m blind. There is an accessibility feature for adding and manipulating widgets without dragging, but there doesn’t seem to be such an animal in the screen options for the custom menus control panel. I’m using the Twentyeleven theme. I sure would be one grateful man if someone would please tell if such a method of menu item manipulation exists. Right now I have to have sighted family members do the dragging for me. I love them and it’s so wonderful of them to help me, but I really would rather be able to do it myself.

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    Can you tell use what AT software you are using?

    I use the JAWS for Windows screen reader. Dragging is a visual function that is impossible to duplicate using a screen reader without problems, i.e., sometimes it works right and sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Dragging items on a webpage is not doable with the current screen reader technology as far as I am aware, and I’m an expert in the use of my assistive technology.

    Hi. I did reply to the question about which software I use. See my post above about JAWS for windows. I would like to see a similar method of manually manimpulating menu items to the accessibility screen option in the widgets control panel. If this is already possible with menu items, that’s what I’m trying to find out. 😀

    In my personal (and experienced) opinion, the back end of WordPress is still not as accessible as it should be. At the very least, it should be usable using JAWS and IE. But there is a new(ish) initiative underway to highlight these issues and submit suggestions to the core developers:

    Your experience and feedback would be invaluable – if you would care to join.

    I am also an advanced JAWS user and have been searching for a solution to this problem. I am running a test site, and one of my criteria in making decisions about content management systems is how much of the set-up I can do myself. I found a post at which has somewhat dated instructions for use with JAWS 11 and Firefox. They do work with JAWS 12 and IE 8 in WordPress 3.3 with the Twentyeleven theme with some modification. I had to activate the screen options link on the widgets page and then hunt all over the page for the screen reader mode link. This is not an ideal solution–accessibility options should be more findable. It does work though.

    is there any solution on this one?

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