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  • I have set the home page as a static page, and this static page is the name of the business.

    Instead of the page being listed as it’s title, the name is changed to “Home”. The poblem with this is the word “Home” is non-descript and pretty much useless in terms of both the visitor’s perspective and also for Search Engine Optimisation.

    Rather than have the word “Home” in my navigation at the top of the page, I would rather it be the title of the page, that is, the title of the business.

    This would be much more appropriate for reasons already mentioned but more importantly would also allow me to refer to the page directly. An example of what I mean by “refer to directly” is the “Widget Logic” plugin. I have widgets that I want on some pages but not on others, the home page, or front page, being one of them.

    In the Wordpres codex it states that the conditional tag for “home” doesn’t work with static pages, just with posts. Instead it says to use “is_font_page()” but this is only going to work if the front page is the only one you are specifying in the widget logic field of any given widget. If you want a widget to appear in the home page AND any other page there is no way of doing that. For example, if I don’t want a widget to appear on the home page and the contact page, I tried the following:


    None of these work.

    So I was thinking that if my front page was actually named something instead of “home” I would be able to use the page name in conditional tags so that I could specify that page to control where widgets are placed with the “widget Logic” plugin.

    Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts about this?

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  • Edward Caissie


    Theme Review Admin, The JellyBeen Man

    Instead of the “code” above try this:

    !is_page('contact') || !is_front_page()

    Thanks cais,

    That should solve my widget issue. Still, I’d love to get rid of that “home” on the menu as described.

    Any tips or suggestions on that?

    Edward Caissie


    Theme Review Admin, The JellyBeen Man

    My first thought would be to expect a theme related issue for your “home” link.

    OK thanks Cais, I’ll follow it up with the theme developer. I am using the Titan theme.

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