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  • Hi vivek7092,

    It will really depend on the theme you are using. If that is built into the theme, you can make a Child Theme and then remove it from either the template files or use a CSS rule (display:none or visibility:hidden). Display: none will hide the element and it will not take up any space. Visibility: hidden will hide the element but it will still take up space on your site.

    For example, if that is in a div named rss_icon you could add one of these rules to your Child Theme’s style sheet:

    #rss_icon {
    display: none

    #rss_icon {
    visibility: hidden

    Hope this helps!

    thanks Christini for reply.
    but it wont work 🙁

    Did you search for a plugin?

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    vivek7092, link please? And consider installing Firebug, it’s a great tool for identifying CSS rules.

    ChristiNi’s very good example is, well, an only an example. 😉 With a link we can see the actual CSS needed.

    Hi vivek71092,

    If you want to hide the entire div the RSS icon is located in, add the following to your Child Theme’s style sheet:

    #sidebar .widget_feeds {
     display: none;

    I used the Firebug add-on with Firefox to pinpoint the CSS that controls the display of the RSS feed link and icon.

    Hope this helps!

    it works. thanks ChristiNi 🙂

    You’re welcome vivek71092. I’m happy I could help!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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