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  • If your on self hosted, its a WIDGET. Cick on Widget on the left.
    Then you will see META in the right and just drag n drop to the big square. It removes it instantly 🙂

    Im unsure on a or .org site.

    This is odd, nothing is under the Sidebar/footer, everything is under “available”.

    I see meta under available, if that matters.

    most wordpress themes have some default code in the sidebars, which is usually only displayed if no other widgets are dragged into the sidebar (in admin).
    if you want to get rid of meta and keep the other items, you have to drag these items into your sidebar in admin.

    I dragged n dropped META to the big square that says INACTIVE WIDGETS, updated, and refreshed my homepage but the META is still there. Also, it still shows them in the Available Widgets as well as the Inactive Widgets… and still on my homepage.
    Any other thoughts on how to get rid of unwanted widgets?

    if your sidebar space in ‘admin’ ‘appearance’ ‘widgets’ is empty – the sidebar.php usually displays some hardcoded default ‘widget-like’ code in the sidebar.

    to remove this ‘stuff’ from your sidebar, you need to drag at least one widget of your choice into the sidebar space (you could use an empty textwidget without title) .

    if there are ‘widgets’ you want to ‘keep’ in the sidebar, you have to drag the corresponding ‘real’ widgets into the sidebar space in the same order than the ‘widgets’ were before.

    It might be that your theme doesn’t support widgets in which case you will have to open the sidebar php file and delete it manually. If you’re happy with everything else that appears in the sidebar you might be as well to do that in anycase.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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