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    How can I remove a link that created using the Auto Linker plugin.

    Secondly, is there a way to have different links for the same word (in different articles)? For e.g. if I want to have an internal url link for the word “Inception” in one set of articles, but a different url link for the same word in different set of articles.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • Plugin Author arjanolsder


    Hi g2311,


    To remove a link, simply remove it from the list you have created. It helps to keep the list sorted by sort-of-alphabet. I know the guy over at managing it has 300+ entries in his list.


    The objective is to make cornerstone content creation as easy as possible. If you’d want to target the same word with multiple URL’s and specify that per story, I would have to build a pretty complex administrative environment to handle that.

    I would even debate that manual link management could be faster in such cases as the load on the database would be at least as heavy or maybe even more heavy. This tool really built for ease of use.

    Now, there is a workaround as the list can handle phrases as well. So you can use that same keyword and combine it with another one.

    Let us take a look at the website as an example again. They have defined URLs for Google, Google Glass, Google Home and Google Assistant. All four cases receive a different internal URL at they are different services from the same company.

    As the system executes the list topdown, the order of the list specifies the Google URL after Google Glass, Google Home and Google Assistant. This to avoid the first combination of Google Glass to have a link on Google to all Google content but not on Glass to link to Google Glass content. So that’s the only workaround I can give you given the scope of delivering an easy to use plugin.

    This also explains why I don’t sort the list by alphabet myself. You will want to make exceptions in the order of execution for this list.

    On the plugin is used for increasing internal traffic and time on site. The plugin generates 18% more pageviews and adds 13 seconds to the average time on site (I only have that combined number).

    Hi Arjano,
    I createt the list with a keyword which uses “ä”. When i remove the keyword from the list it still maps to the link.

    With other Keywords without “ä” removing works perfect.
    Is there maybe a bug with the german ä,ö,ü ?


    Plugin Author arjanolsder


    Hi JB,

    When you exit the settings and return to the settings, has the ä keyword been added back to the list?

    Its not listed in the “Keywords & links” List, but the link is still createt on pages. Only when i deactivate the plugin the links will be removed on the pages.
    Thanks for your help!

    After leaving and coming back the “ä” its gone. But the links are still on the pages.

    @arjanolsder I’ve same issues, i wanna to manage keywords in some cases but i cannot remove or edit destination URLs because there’s no keyword & link management which added before.

    Could you add this feature to plugin please? Because this plugin and settings awesome but without link & keyword management screen, i don’t know.

    Plugin Author arjanolsder


    So to make sure I understand right. You add a link with a special character like ä. It then links the keyword on the page. When you remove the link with the ä from the list, the link on the page remains? Is this only with links that hold characters like the ä? Could it be you have some sort of cache running? If you, did you try to purge the cache?

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