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  • Plugin Author ollybach


    its duplicated for a reason of course, so if the order were

    “3x Pizza large”

    it would say

    “3x Pizza large £ 10.99 £ 32.97”

    however – just thought i’d mention it – if you want to remove it from the template, you can do exactly that. i.e remove it from the template
    -> Can I edit the templates ?

    Hi Olly

    I’m not complaining for the duplicated price 🙂

    Your plugin is perfect and doesn’t need discuss about it. The problem is with my tiny printer (58mm width) if you see how the order looks on it you would laugh.

    I just want to ask you: is it ok if I delete all the variables in the email_html page and use my own style? Does that cause any problem for the plugin or the orders?

    Thanks for your quick respond.

    Plugin Author ollybach


    printer: you could set/change your wppizza->settings->Select Type of Mail Delivery

    and see if you get better sizing for your printer with either the html email or the plaintext(mail/wp_mail) email settings

    ie.the other ones form the one you are using.

    re variables: you should be able to do what you want with the email templates (might want to read the comments in them though)

    they are just that. email templates and have no bearing on anything else than what the emails look like (mind you , there’s a comment in wppizza-order-email-plaintext.php regarding using this to store in the db order history if you want to pay with that template specifically – again – read the comments)

    generally, in your scenario, i would probably set Select Type of Mail Delivery: to html and play with the html template . you’d have to try pretty hard to screw things up (and you can always restore the original anyway)

    all in all, the templates are there for editing if you feel so inclined / the need (and know a bit of php at least and read the comments)

    either way, although it should be all fine no matter what you do in those email templates, it’s never a bad idea to have backups though 🙂

    (i wasn’t thinking you were complaining btw)

    Plugin Author ollybach


    ps: how can you even read things on a 58mm printer ? the mind boggles…

    Thanks Olly for your kind quick support. I just made some changing in the width and the margin in the template and now it’s working the way I want.
    58mm printers is too small but cheap and reliable 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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