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    It’s annoying that everytime I login, I have to wait for a while for it to load the content of the dashboard (and sometime when WordPress is a little busy, it like waiting forever!). Is there any way to remove the dashboard from the admin interface? Or is there anyway to go directly to the “Write” section after logging in instead of Dashboard?

    The Dashboard in my opinion is not useful because everyone who use WordPress 1.5 will frequently check for new update.

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  • dawg


    Yeah You just set the link in your login area correctly, for example, I bypass the dashboard for the exact area to manage my templates

    by adding this to my login link {/wp-admin/theme-editor.php} for what you want it would be something like this{/wp-admin/post.php}




    comment out line from (87-145) by adding two dashes //

    Before you edit the file, it is strongly advised to keep a backup 🙂



    “Or is there anyway to go directly to the “Write” section after logging in instead of Dashboard?”

    When you are in your WRITE section, create a bookmark to it and use that bookmark when going in to your site.



    Thanks very much. Now I customized everything in the Dashboard to display what I really need, as a summary page. ^_^



    Thank you for this. I am already subscribed to WordPress Planet via bloglines so the Dashboard feeds are totally unnecessary for me.



    What worked really well for me was editing wp-login.php:

    change line 159 from
    $redirect_to = 'wp-admin/';
    $redirect_to = 'wp-admin/post.php';



    I actually went and wrote a plugin and made two very minor modifications to wp-admin/index.php so that I could enable and disable either of the two feeds.

    I like the concept of the dashboard, but far too often it takes a very long time to load. for the plugin and instructions.



    Jagmeister: Thanks for that, you’ve just saved me a bit of grepping 🙂



    For those interested, I updated the Dashboard plugin I mentioned above. It can disable the 3rd RSS feed that I didn’t see the first time (for Technorati) and allows you to set a custom message to display on the Dashboard. for the plugin and instructions.

    Is it really meant to be the case that if users register and login they see the dashboard? Surely this should be hidden from users?

    Good suggestions above and I have deleted the RSS feeds from the dashboard and made the redirect after login go to the user profile page instead of the dashboard. (Thought about redirecting to the site itself but then there is no way to edit your profile).

    A main problem about letting users see the Dashboard is the Latest Activity box – the links from this go to “you do not have permission” messages!

    Not a good look for prospective users!

    So I would like to remove the Dashboard link from the admin menu, for users (it can stay for admins). How can I do this?


    I discovered how to solve this. Edited
    and made line 7 be
    $menu[0] = array(__('Dashboard'), 1, 'index.php');
    instead of
    $menu[0] = array(__('Dashboard'), 0, 'index.php');

    OK so I should have been able to work this out without asking, but then again, the default wordpress setting should not be that users (level 0) can see the Dashboard after they login – it is really confusing for them.

    I have the same problem as drstuey. I have removed the link to the dashboard from the menu, however, if a user of level 0 logs in, they can still get to the dashboard simply by going to the index page of the admin area.

    Is there a hack to redirect the user to the permission denied error message if they simply type in index.php?

    easiest way to speed up the dashboard is to comment out the technorati rss line in wp-admin/index.php.

    find line 88 (or so):
    $rss = @fetch_rss(‘ …

    and comment it out:
    //$rss …

    I commented out the feeds. I don’t really need that page at all. I am left with latest activity, which doesn’t say much to anyone. I would like to change the menu designation from “Dashboard” to “Summary.” How would I do that?
    I tried changing the title variable $title = __(‘Dashboard’); but that is probably the tile of the page. I can’t see where the menu item “Dashboard” is.




    gah! I have a test user account set up, that is a 0. I made the same edits to menu.php that drstuey did, and this user still has access to the dashboard ( Even setting the user level to 5 didnt help. bleh bleh and more bleh.

    Ive solved it by just renaming the file, I never go straight to it anyway.

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