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  • When I tried to access the I got redirected to the mainpage. I read here that the solution is to create a network then when I created one the blogs appeared but all members where member to the base installed blog which is your wordpress site prior to the installment of BP. If a solution could just be pass regarding this…someone????

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    Some thoughts assuming BP is activated:

    1. Did you change Settings > Permalinks to other than default setting? mod_rewrite must be enabled in server for BP to work.

    2. Did you go to Dashboard > BuddyPress > Component Setup and enabled Blog Tracking? Must do.

    3. Check Dashboard > Site Admin > Options – Allow New Registrations, option must be “Enabled. Blogs and user accounts can be created” or “Only logged in users can create new blogs.”

    regarding no.2 I dont think theres still that option.
    These are the only ones I have
    Activity Streams
    Allow users to post activity updates and track all activity across the entire site.

    bbPress Forums
    Activates bbPress forum support within BuddyPress groups or any other custom component.

    Allows the creation of friend connections between users.

    Let users create, join and participate in groups.

    Private Messaging
    Let users send private messages to one another. Site admins can also send site-wide notices.

    Extended Profiles
    Activates customizable profiles and avatars for site users.



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    In order to show and enable Blog Tracking, you must have allow multisite on your WP 3.0 installation. Read this –

    1. Permalink setting: Month and name

    2. Yes it is enabled

    3. Theres no such thing as what you stated above.

    Registration is disabled.
    User accounts may be registered.
    Logged in users may register new sites.
    Both sites and user accounts can be registered.
    Disable or enable registration and who or what can be registered. (Default is disabled.)

    I guess we are on different versions? I have the latest one.

    for everyone reading this topic to properly understand my problem. Here is the actual stuff in my admin area.



    please someone help me on this.

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