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  • There is an icon that looks like a sheet of paper watermark on all of my pages next to my images. The icon does not appear on my homepage.

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  • I would also like to know this.

    Answered in the FAQ under “remove page icon to left of page title?”

    Thanks ElectricFeet. I copied your suggestion and it worked:

    .page .entry-title {
    display: none;

    I created a child theme and pasted this same bit of code into the child’s style.css file. Can you tell me why it doesn’t work? Sorry, still a new learner here…I was hoping creating a child theme would help me learn and control settings like this more efficiently.

    Why can’t you just put it in your custom CSS-Box??

    I can and it works. I thought I read that using a child theme is better practice. I was just trying to do it the “right” way rather than the easy one.

    It’s the “right” way when there isn’t a Custom CSS panel 🙂

    Can you link to your site, so we can see what’s going wrong?

    Ok if that’s the answer then I can just do that ElectricFeet.

    My website again is currently I switched back to the parent theme. The child theme so far is exactly the same, only I took these bits out of the “Custom CSS” field and tried to place it inside the style.css file of the child theme. When I inserted these lines into that style.css file, they didn’t work. Pasting them back into the Custom CSS area works though. I’m just curious if I did something wrong. .CSS files are new for me and I’m trying to learn.

    These are the lines I cut and pasted:
    .page .entry-title {display: none;}
    html.boxshadow {position: relative; overflow: scroll;}

    @electricfeet: doesn’t

    .page .entry-title {
    display: none;

    hide the entire title?
    I personally removed all the title icons from my installation with

    #main-wrapper .format-icon:before {
    	content: none;

    which I think is better, since it doesn’t hide something that has been outputted, but it prevents the output altogether.

    All those icons are generated with

    :before {content: 'some_entipo_number_code'; font-family: 'entipo';}

    applied to different .format-icon ‘s (.page .format-icon:before, .archive .format-icon:before, etc…) If we don’t want the icons all we need to do is set the content of :before to “none” and use an id selector, which overrides the class selectors.

    Much better than my solution. Thanks.

    (And yes, it’s strange mine works, isn’t it? I picked it up here when I was an absolute newb and hadn’t thought about it since.)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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