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  • Hi AutoHelpRepair

    1.Have you tried to cleanup the web explorer cash and reloaded it ?
    2. Don`t you have Cashing plugin installed, if yes then you have to turn it off for editing?
    I use this one for cleaning and speeding the web

    Sometime cashing is kind of stubborn enemy. 🙂

    When this above is not working then – Can you be more specific, descriptive???
    for sure, Im not aware enough what you want to have turned off. Which tags, at footer or…….somewhere else???

    Tahoe Rock

    Hey Tahoe Rock! thank you for the reply:

    In my Auto Repair Articles page at the bottom of each article there is a section called Tagged. I wish to remove this from all the posts, hide it I suppose, not to get rid of the tags.

    In Theme Alley options page there is a tick for it – I set it to No for hiding this section.

    I cleared the cache in w3c and my browser cache as well. Even went to plugins and disabled all of them, still shows tagged in all articles.

    see video I made on this subject –



    Hi Lee,
    It is Sunday today and we were outside so I could not do some help quickly.
    I had a iPad with me all the time and saw your struggle, but had to wait to get home to reach right tools on my MacBook. iPad is great but not 100% tool. 🙂

    I do not know your Theme and do not know why it is not working the way you showed on the video you made. I Mean the easy way.
    As I saw on the creators web, they do not do any support for theme, forwarding you to WordPress theme support. This you did and maybe there is someone who will find solution for not working part of the menu.
    Even if they do not do support I would reach them with this issue. This is theme failure and they should do some action for that.

    My first suggestions did not work also, but this is like first aid help. What should be checked up front.
    Here is the way that worked on my side:
    put this code to your child theme style.css file,
    OR to your custom plugin css –

    .entry-meta-bottom-item {
    display: none;

    This should be OK and working.
    If it is still not working then try this:

    .entry-meta-bottom-item {
    display: none!important;

    You did great job with your web and as I saw your sites it is very good, content, descriptive and really nice for someone in need.
    A lot of perfect information.

    I hope you would not be angry when I do some note concerning your layout.
    Main page has big articles with a lot of information.
    I would suggest to split it to smaller parts. Like 3-4 columns and down another 3-4 columns and so on.
    It would be readable and more organized. Each column should have some header. Not big one, maybe h4 will be enough.

    Have a good day.
    Tahoe Rock

    Theme Author tskk


    There is no theme failure, The theme option @autohelprepair is talking is available under “Single post settings” and will work on single post view only and not for archive pages. His auto repair articles page is a archive page.

    Hi theme authors
    thats geeat news, Im glad you could clear up the settings for this issue. I think sometimes is hard to find right spot. And who can know more about Theme then author.
    I do not know your theme so I was trying to serve some other CSS solution which worked on my side. Even if I know that this is not perfect solution.
    My appology for my convintion concerning your theme.
    Would be nice to see that you will make a desision and start to help these people who struggle to get it right. This will promote your theme and will help you to succed even better.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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