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  • No one can help?
    C’mon guys , someone must have come across this before?
    I did a search on the forum but all solutions require deleting code with reference to a _tag_ keyword. I searched all my php files and that word is not in there. I’m not a programmer so I don’t understand how that’s possible.



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    No one can help?

    with so little information posted by you it is difficult to make any suggestions.

    what tags?
    – meta tags?
    – html tags?
    – taxonomy post_tags?
    – ?

    remove from where?
    – index pages?
    – templates?
    – single posts?
    – sidebar?
    – ?

    Sorry for the lack of info.

    I am talking about the tag field that shows up at the end of a post

    I guess that would be single post but I am not certain.

    Yes, it’s single post and you should look for ” the_tags ” in your PHP template in the DIV id “additional_info”

    add this where you want to display tags (typically above/below <?php the_content();?> in loop-single.php):
    <p><?php the_tags(); ?></p>

    To re-iterate, I am trying to remove tags from being displayed. As I said, the word tag does not come up on any keyword searches on any of the php files.

    “in your PHP template in the DIV id “additional_info”

    I don’t understand this. I am only accessing the php code from within WP.

    These are my choices:

    404 Template
    Contact_Page Page Template
    Theme Functions
    Home_Page Page Template
    Main Index Template
    Page Template
    Portfolio_Page Page Template
    Search Form
    Single Post



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    where did you download your theme from?

    generally, a post will get displayed by single.php; so start looking into that file in your theme’s folder.

    if you like, you can paste the full code of single.php into a pastebin and post the link to it here, so somebody can have a look.

    there might be a function call for those ‘additional-info’ section (?)

    can you share link to post/page? else a snapshot..



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    duhh! sorry bout that alchymth/author.

    its wrapped in a div:

    <div id="additional_info">
    <p>Tags: <br />

    so for starters, search for the div ‘additional_info’.

    or in style.css, insert

    #additional_info p {
      display: none;

    It worked!
    I deleted that part of the code in the single.php

    You guys rock!

    Thanks so much

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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