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[Resolved] How to remove "subscribe" button in the sidebar

  • Hi guys,
    please, does anyone know ho to remove this “subscribe” button which has appeared after theme update. I don’t need it, i don’t want it. And I dont see it in the active widget section. I presume this is an inbuilt widget. I only see it in the “Available widgets” section, but no idea how to get rid of it on the site.

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  • People, I really don’t need this subTome crap on my site. Why on earth the theme designer has integrated it into the template? If I want some extras I will just install it myself. Since the author doesn’t reply here, may be somebody can help me with the issues. As you might have noticed after theme update there is this subscribe button now which loads a JS snippet with feed subscriptiion options. I really want this off my blog. How would I do it?
    Thanx on advance for every bit of help!



    Forum Moderator

    A link to your site would be useful if you want help.

    You also should get WP updated ASAP – using an old version is a major security risk.

    Thanks for replying. Well, nothing personal, but I feel very uncomfortable about making the site public. And I do feel so far insecure about the new WP version as to how it’s gonna behave with all the settings and plugins installed.
    Anyway, I think everyone who’s already updated the Swift theme has a clue of what I am talking about. You’ll notice this subscribe button in your sidebar if you are using Swift basic. And if you click it a window opens with all those feed services and the stuff. The question is: how to remove the SubTome plugin which has been obviously integrated into the template. I see the subtome. php file in themes/swift-basic/lib/plugins
    Do I just remove it, or do something in the file or what?
    Any help will be appreciated!

    Theme Author Satish Gandham


    Add some widget to the wide sidebar top.

    If you don’t plan on putting anything there, then just add a blank text widget without padding.

    Satish, I thank you kindly for replying, the more so as it came pretty unexpected.
    The strategy you’ve sugessted doesn’t work. The button remains there. Actually, I don’t get how putting a widget in the sidebar can make this thing go away…It’s an inbuilt plugin, as far as I can get, and there is no way to manipulate it from the widget area. I want the plugin completely out, “up the chimney”. I don’t need it on my site and this feed subsrciption story behind it. What do I do in the code or wherever to remove it?
    This is such an anti-SEO feature for young sites.

    Theme Author Satish Gandham


    I overlooked.
    It’s a bug, will release the fix shortly.

    Thanx million times. Your reply was really much appreciated!

    Theme Author Satish Gandham


    new version is here

    Same fix applies.

    Theme Author Satish Gandham


    marking this as resolved.

    Satish, I haven’t checked yet. I’d prefer to upgrade the template late at night when the visitors’ activity goes down, just in case I mess something up. So I’ll get back with a report in a while. Thanks for your adequate reaction and prompt action! That’s truly some big help and a worthy move, man.

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