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  • Hello, I am completely new to WordPress so have no prior knowledge about code etc. This is my 3rd day. I am using Silverblog and would like to know how to delete the right-hand sidebar (containing ‘About Silverblog’, ‘Categories’ and ‘Latest Posts’) from every page so that I may expand my text across the page and add images etc. I am using the page as a static site and not a blog, so have no need for these things.

    If the only way to do this is to add/remove code, could you please explain the exact procedure to me step-by-step in very simple, basic terms/language.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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  • You’ll need to edit some code in order to get rid of the sidebar. Depending on what pages you want to remove the sidebar from, you might have to edit multiple files.

    The code you are looking for is:

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    This is the code that calls the sidebar file. This will be found close to the bottom of page.php, index.php, single.php, archive.php, 404.php and search.php. Again, depending on how your site is set up, you might only need to delete the code from a few of the files or you might need to delete it from all.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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