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  • Hello,

    I am using Wp 2.8 and I want to remove the screen options and Help section from the top right of WordPress dashboard.

    Can some one give me some idea as to how we can delete it?

    If we can not delete t, how can we customize it, actually want to remove the links to the following in help section:

    Support Forums

    Thanks and regards
    Ajay M

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  • Any one even looking at the threads asked here?
    Ths is my 4th or 5tyh question in this support forum and all my questions have become unanswered….
    Is this such a dull community or there is infact no one who can answer the questions asked by me..

    One way of doing it would just be to hide it using CSS.
    To do this, open /wp-admin/css/global.css

    and at the top of the page add the following:

    #screen-meta-links {
    display: none;

    Worked perfectly arothrock, thanks.

    Who knows where in the newest version of wordpress this exist?
    i can find it?

    arothrock said:

    To do this, open /wp-admin/css/global.css

    This file still exists in 3.0, so i’d be willing to bet it’s still there in 2.8 and 2.9 …

    The file exists but screen-meta-links isn’t in global.css. 2.8.4. I can only see references to it in css colors fresh and classic. But they’re only to do with the link colour.

    Try Firebug extension for FireFox. You’ll be able to detect class/id and then you can add in the css rule even if it’s not already in the css file.

    I’ve tried the CSS hide and it doesn’t seem to work. Any other ideas?

    Worked great for me! i wish there was an all consuming plugin for the dashboard that included this feather, tho.

    i am using wp 2.9.2 and i also viewed the global.css but there is no scree-meta-links in global.css. What should i do now?

    go to wp-admin.css

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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