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  • Hello!

    Thank you very much for Themelia theme! The theme is very high quality, clean code and nice design.

    Tell me please. How can I remove the embedded markup into theme?

    How do I understand, the functions are in the functions-attr.php file? (in the library/inc folder).

    I’m going to introduce my microdata (json-ld), where a lot of non-standard elements (dynamic ratings, recipes, etc.). Therefore, built-in markup does not suit me.

    And sorry sir for my english. Thank you again for theme. Hello from cold Syberia (Russia)!

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  • Microdata is hard coded in the template. Would be best if there was an option within the theme to disable all schema.

    I agree with you. But now there is no such option.

    Can you tell please, how I can remove default markup?

    And I will add another json-ld markup for my website..

    I’ve made a plugin for these use cases with another developer.

    Within the settings page you can find an option to remove all microdata. Should fix it for you.

    If and when the option becomes available in the theme to disable schema I would recommend using the option within the theme as that would still be a cleaner solution.

    Hi I hope this plugin would not affect my SEO plugin JSON-LD?

    Theme Author dariodev


    In next update I will add option to remove microdata.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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