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  • Hi,

    How do I remove the register link on login page with disabling registrations altogether. I still want to allow registrations but just not through that method, I have another method of handling registrations.

    I would like to do it without having to edit the login.php file if possible so that it does not revert when I upgrade WordPress, I assume it will overwrite it….even if it takes a while.


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  • Should have been ‘without’ disabling registrations altogether (from settings).

    The default setup for this is at:

    Admin Dashboard>Settings>General>Uncheck ‘Anyone can register’

    This removes the register link on the wp-login.php page.

    Won’t that disable registrations all together?

    I still want to be able take registrations.

    Just checked that and yes it disable registrations all together so that is not a suitable solution.

    Any other ideas.

    I have another method of handling registrations.

    I assumed ‘your method’ would still work. Without a full understanding of this method, I think we would be guessing at a fix.

    Thanks, yeah I had hoped so too. I am using Simplr User Registration Form Plus to register people into specific roles so I would like to be able to use this plugin but remove the normal register link from the login page so that people do not go to the site, click login and then think hmmm, I guess I have to register and then click the register link and register. That would not put them into the correct role, instead they should be goia via the url they will have been emailed to register, thus automatically ending up in the correct role.

    Instead of removing it, you should probably use mod_rewrite with .htaccess to redirect it to the Simplr User Registration Form. That way if someone does click it they will be redirected and forced to use that form instead of the WordPress default.

    Thanks for the suggestion. The challenge is that there is going to be multiple different registration forms, each one sending user into different role. If I can’t remove it easily then I may just redirect it to a notice page.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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