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  • The plugin does not ‘write any redirect scripts’. If you actually deactivated the plugin and a redirect is happening still, then there are 2 possibilities:
    1. The site uses Caching and the cache has not been cleared. (this is the cause 95% of the time when that happens)
    2. There is another plugin or script creating the redirect. Check to make sure you did not have anything set up from a different plugin prior to this one (that is the second most common cause).

    The plugin on runs during the template_redirect phase of WordPress. It checks the incoming URL or post to see if there is a redirect set up in the post meta or quick redirect options or not. If the plugin is turned off, these hooks will not get loaded and there will be no way for a redirect to occur. The plugin does not add to the rewrite rules nor does it write to .htaccess file – so no plugin, no redirect. It was designed that way intentionally.

    Like I said, this is almost always caused by the site or scripts being cached. If you do not have caching on the site, and it is not another plugin, then you must have something set up at the registrar or as an A Record in your DNS or you set your Home URL setting to the other site in your WordPress settings.

    Warm regards

    I believe your are correct. Thanks Don.

    Let me know when you resolve the issue and your solution so I can make note for future users having similar issues.

    Warm regards,

    This problem seemed to have occurred with the ‘redirection’ plugin. If a user simply deactivates/removes the plugin and clears the browser cache, the problem should stop.

    I am currently investigating to see if any code was left behind that needs to be fished out so if a user wants to continue to use the plugin but correct the error.

    Don I have a quick question. Does your plugin allow for me to redirect to a new Domain name wit the same string as the old one?

    Ex:**original string**

    to**original string**

    Thanks for the followup.

    And to answer your question, yes and no.

    If the plugin is on the old site and you set up the redirect to go to the new site, then you can set up redirects for the one to the other (but not using wildcards, only a specific link, i.e., to

    If you have the plugin set up on the new site and the the link comes in because the domain was forwarded from one to the other (or resolved from DNS A Record), then yes (although at that point, you would not need the plugin as the server would receive the correct URL parameter and just redirect to the right place, assuming they are exactly the same on both sites).

    If you trying to use it to have the anything from one folder on the old site to go to the same folder on another site, then no. You would need to use a domain forward, a DNS ‘A’ Record or simply use .htaccess.

    The plugin is really designed to help make old 404 links go to a new page (and not give the page not found 404 error), as well as move existing pages to another link if needed – like if you had a page called you could redirect it each month to the correct page with the special with only needing to give out the one original link to everyone.

    The original reason for making the plugin was to make a top level page for a page menu drop down and make it go to a category or sub page. Since then WordPress has developed their Navigation Menus which allow you to do it without the plugin any longer – but since people still use the plugin in so many different ways, it is still very handy and popular.

    I know I was rambling, so I hope I answered your question appropriately. If not, let me know.

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    I copied all of the content from the old site (exact mirrored copy) to the new site, the only difference would be the domain name, everything else is the same.

    I would like to have all of the posts on the old domain redirect to the corresponding posts on the new site.

    Can you list the steps for me to take to accomplish this please?

    I also think I found the reason why someone who has added the redirection plugin cannot stop the redirect 😉 and may think this has something to do with your plugin.

    I guess the problem for me would be that this would have to be manually for the 5,000+ posts I have correct?

    You could always use a search and replace plugin – and update the post content globally. That is what I would probably do myself.


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