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  1. themarx
    Posted 1 year ago #

    2 days ago, my client site went down. I have no idea why.
    When I was logged in, site looks good. But when I want to use it as anonymous, on every page I got redirected to{bla bla bla}
    All of scanners (plugins) show nothing.
    But I found that the problem was folder located in /wp-content/plugins/wpppm/

    In that folder I found something wired. I compare these files to original WordPress pack, there isn't something like that. I deleted it. Everything is good now.

    But the interesting fact is that what is in that folder :)
    When I was looking for adress like I found nothing, because this link is genereted by other server$ver&h=
    Whats more, it it added to 404 page and all plugins, look:

            add_action("404_template", "fourofour");
            add_filter("all_plugins", "fourofour_pp");
    return 1;

    I hope it will help someone.

    Full code:

  2. Was the site hacked? If it was then editing that code that way won't prevent the hack from coming back.

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