• Hi. I need to remove "pure_taxonomies": { from Json result.
    How do I change this in the plugin code?

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  • Plugin Author Andrew MAGIK


    Why do you need such changes?
    There will be a lot of changes if you want to place needed properties in the root of the json response.

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    I’m using an ionic app builder.
    In the following code example:
    <span class="icon ion ion-android-cart"></span> {{post.pure_taxonomies.store.name}}</span></p>

    I need to get the store name that appears in the structure created by “pure_taxonomies” for my custom post type:

      "pure_taxonomies": {
        store": [
            "term_id": 25,
            "name": "BestBuy",

    But the result is the POST name and not the name of that store.

    Plugin Author Andrew MAGIK


    Sorry, but I don’t understand what is your trouble.
    My plugin has only 1 php file, and code is very simple. Try to play with this sources to configure what you need.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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