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  • The title tag on attachment pages (image.php – I think) is programmed to take title of the post first and then append title of the image behind it to form a title tag. This way the title tag ends up being way too long and important information (title of the image) usually doesn’t even get squeezed into the section of the title that gets shown by browsers as well as search engine results.

    I would like to change it by just removing the title of the post which is placed in the title tag before title of the image. How do I do it?

    As a side note – I’m using AIO SEO Pack, but despite WP being in such advanced stage, the option to control title tag for attachment pages is not provided (those it’s possible to control a whole host of useless pages). Can someone help?

    Also – if any developers are listening, could this be changed so attachment pages only display title of the image in the title tag by default? If nothing else, title of the post they are attached to should be behind the title of the page. It just makes much more sense this way.

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