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  • Hi
    I’m using the fudo theme and have two issues I need to resolve.
    I want to remove the post info that appears on the page with every post. It looks like this:

    Posted on June 4, 2011 by geroido

    I also want to remove the comment info which also appears with every post as shown below:

    Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off

    Any Ideas

    One final problem is on every web page (posts or pages) there is a link towards the bottom which says ‘Edit’. This takes you directly to the edit page for that particular post or page.I want to remove this too. I have searched every theme page for the link and cannot find it or it’s alt name ‘Edit Page’. Where do you think this link could be?

    Any help

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  • I dont have acces to the theme files at te moment, but you should be able to edit your single.php file and remove the line that contalns something along the lines of:

    Posted on <?php the_date(); ?> by <?php the_author(); ?>


    Posted in <?php the_category(); ?> | ..........

    The edit link only displays to users wo are logged in and have permissions to editing hat content.

    Thanks BODA82
    I feel a little stupid about the ‘Edit’ link on the page. That seems obvious now in hindsight. I’ll look at the code more closely and see if I can sort the post and comment info out. I found the relevant code but every time I tried to change or remove it, the whole thing crased. Your input has helped a lot and I’ll crack this soon enough now. thanks again

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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