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  • Resolved Trollkjeft


    I accidentally changed the URL modifications under Settings, and crashed my site.

    Now I have removed the Polylang plugin (through FTP) and made the site work again, but once installing/activating the plugin again, the erroneous setting I made gets activated again, and disable the site once more.

    What can I do to remove any entries I have made earlier and to start from scratch?

    I successfully set up the plugin on another test site, so I now know what settings I must use. Thanks ahead!

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  • Plugin Author Chouby



    You have to keep Polylang in your plugins directory, keep the plugin de-activated and go in the plugins list table and click on the red ‘delete’ link. This will remove *all* Polylang data.

    Hey Chouby, my problem is I can’t access either the frontend or back once it is placed in the plugin directory, the site goes all white and nonaccessable.

    Is there any other way to remove all content?

    By the way, what I’ve seen aside from this, the plugin is great!

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Do you mean when the plugin is activated?

    You must de-activate it first. One solution is to rename your plugin directory through FTP.

    It all went down this way:

    1) I accidentally made some setting I shouldn’t have
    2) The site went all white and inaccessible
    3) I removed the plugin via FTP and got the site working again
    4) When adding the plugin again by adding it again via FTP and by installing it through the backend, it went all white directly and the whole site went inaccessible again
    5) At this time, I couldn’t even access the backend to deactivate it (sadly), the site is all white
    6) When trying to remove the plugin via FTP again, I get back to the site without having access to a disabled plugin as it is gone.

    So I seem to be locked between not having it added/installed but and inaccessable site, or having it removed.

    Do you know any other way to remove it once it is added and having the site inaccessable?

    Now I saw, rename the plugin through FTP, will that work?

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Just upload the plugin again. Don’t activate it. And click the red ‘delete’ link.

    Ok, I’ll try. Many thanks for your quick response!

    Ok, I’ll try. Many thanks for your quick response!

    Chouby, everything worked out well. Many thanks for your support!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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